Ocean View Roof Deck

Richard met with me to understand what my objectives were for the project.
He guided every step, through his innovative website with incredibly helpful articles, as well as personally through phone calls and meetings.
He created detailed drawings of the existing property as well as the deck design which enabled educated conversations with town officials for permit approvals, as well as to estimate costs for the project with various suppliers.
He was a great sounding board for different options which enabled me to come to educated decisions despite never having done this particular project before. 
Richard is a tremendous asset and I would highly recommend anyone embarking on a home renovation to employ his services.
He will support you throughout the project and in the end save you countless time and money that would otherwise have been wasted.
His fee is extremely reasonable relative to the information, and counseling he provides.
I will definitely hire Richard again for my next project and look forward to working with him again.

Description of work:

iCornerstone provided comprehensive guidance for a roof deck project that enabled me to act as my own General Contractor for the project.

Richard Connolly, founder of iCornerstone, provides a unique service to act as a coach to enable the average homeowner to confidently complete home renovation projects while saving huge amounts of time and aggravation as well as costs.

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