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Remodeling a former cottage into a modern livable space can be overwhelming for the unskilled carpenter and non-mechanical homeowner.

While some have the ability and skill sets to launch a rocket or program a computer, the thought of hammering a nail or negotiating the minutia of the permit process, town inspectors, finding and hiring architects, engineers, competent contractors, licensed plumbers, and electricians is beyond the pale.

What saved our day, sanity, budget, and, perhaps, marital bliss was Cornerstone Consulting Inc. and the professionalism of its entrepreneur and founder, Richard Connolly.

The company has grown over the years because of the trust Richard inspires and the quality of work performed by the professionals he refers, even though we could have hired our own.

With Richard at the wheel and his dedication to details, his honest and ethical character, we were assured our home, vision, and hard earned money were in safe and knowledgeable hands.

Although we acted as the general contractor, we were able to go to work every day with the comfort of knowing the coordination of the project was being handled proficiently.

It would probably not have been possible without the extremely detailed specifications Richard developed for each subcontractor and the various material lists for the project.

We highly recommend this business, now iCornerstone Inc., to our friends and would be remodelers because of the pleasurable experience of working with professionals with irreproachable character and solid expertise.

Our home has a new external face and interior that is solid in structure, meeting our needs and style for years to come…. all this and on budget!

Description of work:

Redesigned and reconfigured entire 1st floor to open concept and design of 2nd floor addition.

Clerk of the Works: in the gutting and installation of a modern kitchen and installation of a steel beam to support 2nd floor addition, oversight in the replacement of flooring, upgrade of all electrical and replacement of chimney and heating system, shingling and clapboarding of exterior.

Obtained all permits and interactions with town inspectors.

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