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Richard Connolly of iCornerstone was everything a homeowner could hope for in a contractor and artisan:  a perfectionist who had a keen sense of deadlines and clients’ needs.

He transformed very ugly spaces into a beautiful family TV room and lovely full bath with his own designs that included wainscoting,moldings, built-in shelves, and custom lighting and radiator cover.

The workers we hired through his system (electrician, drywall, sheetrock, carpenters, plumber, plasterers, painters, and flooring professionals) were top notch and the low bid in each case.

There were no mistakes.

The job came in on time and on budget.

We endorse Richard Connolly and iCornerstone wholeheartedly. 

The existing room had odd measurements that dated back to 1931, but Richard was on top of that and any potential problems.

Everything fit like a glove when the work was done.   

Description of work:

iCornerstone helped us to find professionals (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, flooring, etc.) to transform a large basement room and old bathroom into a family TV room and full bath.

iCornerstone had a unique system that allowed us to compute and agree to costs in advance with all providers.

It was a transparent accounting system that allowed all parties to know actual costs, and prevented "ball park" figures.

Work on the family TV room included: gutting the entire room interior, putting in a new ceiling, and lighting, built-in shelves, wainscoting and moldings, resurfacing the existing floors, new electrical wiring, custom made radiator cover, painting.

In the bathroom, a new ceramic floor replaced old linoleum, new sink, toilet and shower, and new walls and ceiling treatments.

We felt Richard Connolly’s references to professionals were outstanding.

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