Course and Seminar Kudos

I found Richard to be an incredibly informative, enthusiastic and professional instructor.

The emphasis of the seminar was how to remain in control of the project, limit conflicts of interests and cost overruns, and become knowledgeable about building codes and zoning laws.

The class syllabus is more involved with case studies and discussions of bids, specifications, experts, products and hiring. Use of the DropBox application is encouraged to share photos, etc.

In addition to being extremely organized, Mr. Connolly seems to be a very ethical person.

Description of work:

I am thinking of embarking on a total kitchen remodel, so I attended a one-night seminar at South Shore Bank in Weymouth (free) and the first class of a 6-part Adult Education class at Milton High ($50 fee for all six classes) led by iCornerstone President and Remodeling Consultant, Richard Connolly.

The title of the seminar and class: Planning Your Remodeling Project.>

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