Better Than Expected

The whole project went smoothly and the outcome was even better than we expected.

Richard was very organized, professional, willing to make and keep commitments, and intent on understanding and meeting our needs.

He was a great resource, recommending contractors, including a talented architect whose drawings Richard turned into electronic files.

Richard communicated with us in a timely and effective way, and the contractors we hired through the system were professional and competent.

Since labor and material specs were identified, there were no surprises, such as unforeseen work or additional costs.

The process also saved us money.

We could easily determine the scope of the project and identify areas where we could chip in, such as painting, which saved us 15% of the total budget.

By coordinating the whole project, iCornerstone made it easier and less time-consuming for us.

Having had small children at the time of the project, that convenience was priceless. 

Description of work:

We had a 5-room addition plus garage put on our house.

Richard at iCornerstone helped us in the preconstruction phase and during construction by coordinating our remodeling project.

I acted as general contractor, but it was neither difficult nor time-consuming with iCornerstone’s help.

In the preconstruction phase, iCornerstone provided the book, How To Avoid Building Or Remodeling Hell, specifications and pricing for all labor and materials, and an accurate budget.

The book gave us insight into what to expect during the remodel, step by step, including critical questions to ask the contractors, the building inspector, and others.

Throughout the remodel, iCornerstone provided complete project coordination and helped us track the work performed so we never paid more money out than the work that was done.

iCornerstone charged $2,800 for preconstruction services plus a percentage of the project cost for project coordination during construction.

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