Services and Rates


iCornerstone offers three services: preconstruction, online consulting, and construction.

For the preconstruction phase, iCornerstone provides a schedule of activities and responsibilities, 3D designs or referral to an architect or professional designer, labor and material specifications, competitive bidding, and budget setting based on accurate data.

However, everything begins with the iCornerstone online research tool, your guide through the remodeling maze, and it contains:

  • Subject specific content, such as working with building departments, hiring a structural engineer or design professional
  • Video interviews with eight subject experts
  • A self-check to assess your learning and understanding
  • Questionnaires for building departments, professionals, retailers, and subcontractors
  • A running history of your project research

Homeowner’s outside iCornerstone’s area of operation can schedule consulting appointments using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, or AIM.

Through various adult education programs and the Homeowner Institute for Project Planning, Richard Connolly presents a six-week remodeling course that uses iCornerstone’s research tool.

You access the research tool through the iCornerstone website and register to use it with a monthly subscription that renews automatically, unless you cancel after notification.

Attendees pay the school district directly or an agency sponsoring the Institute, and you should refer to Course Schedule for an offering near you.

Construction services include a project plan, onsite visits and remote monitoring of the work, project accounting, material ordering, specification confirmation, email, text, and telephone communication with all parties, and online posting of pictures and all project documentation except confidential information.


iCornerstone charges two rates: hourly for the preconstruction phase or online consulting and a percentage of the work as defined by the homeowner at the time of budget setting.

The total number of hours for iCornerstone’s various services appear in its proposal, which becomes incorporated into a contract.

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