Planning Your Remodeling Project

This six-week course provides homeowners a pathway to research and plan their remodeling projects from concept through completion.

It includes interviews with a local building inspector and other subject experts, a survey of materials and products and their impact on labor, a case study, and an analysis of comprehensive, detailed labor and material specifications.

Attendees access all class materials online and use iCornerstone’s Research Tool as the text.

The program emphasizes relationship-building over construction and the importance of developing an effective network that meets or exceeds your expectations for quality, price, and performance.

Instructor Richard Connolly, a former educator and noted consumer advocate and construction consultant, is the author of How To Avoid Building Or Remodeling Hell: The Consumer’s Guide and numerous articles in The Boston Sunday Globe, Boston Magazine, and the Patriot Ledger.

Classes are held at the respective high schools of the participating communities or the corporate offices of a lending institution sponsoring The Homeowner’s Institute for Project Planning, iCornerstone’s educational program.

iCornerstone has established a vouchers system with six local retailers ($50 – $100) and one cabinet manufacturer ($500) to offset the $200 cost of the Institute course. In fact, if you proceed with your project, you could use your vouchers to pay its full cost and then some!

The voucher is a credit, not a coupon, and it applies to Institute participants who undertake their projects by borrowing from a sponsoring lender, hiring iCornerstone, or both.

Contact iCornerstone for more information regarding locations, dates, and times.

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