Filling The Gap

Helps Fill the gap between builder – client

New England Real Estate Journal, December 6, 1990

WEYMOUTH, MA. – Richard Connolly, president of Cornerstone Consulting, is a home renovation consultant working in the New England market.

Cornerstone Consulting guides homeowners through every phase of the renovation project. Cornerstone is in the process of offering franchises, has sites signed, has completed the first phase of the proprietary software development and is aiming the company at general contractors who want to be an ally to the homeowner.

Cornerstone’s services include an initial consultation, material list, project specifications, contractor selection, contractor negotiation, work plan and site inspection.

Cornerstone helps homeowners decide how much they can spend, assists in the bidding process from contractors, purchases materials and supervises the work so it will be completed on time.

Connolly’s goal is to eliminate the problems that can occur in a home renovation project – also, to remove the confusion involved in the remodeling/renovation process.

Connolly said, "We are support. We help consumers save money, and we help remodelers get in, get out and get paid."

Cornerstone consists of Connolly, Charles Palmieri, electrical consultant; Jerry Caldwell, plumbing consultant; Bill Olsen, HVAC consultant, and Richard Dweck, vice president of software development.

The process takes two to three months, from the first phone call to the groundbreaking. Project costs have ranged from $1,500 to $500,000. Connolly says that Cornerstone can save the homeowner 15 – 20%.

Connolly says, "We (Cornerstone Consulting) think that we have solved the problem that homeowners have in obtaining goods and services from the construction industry.

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