Free Estimates

Do you offer free estimates?

No. Sites that provide free estimates aggregate data from numerous sources, such as building permits, and are inaccurate.

Some contractors use formulas that make no sense, especially the cost per square foot, which is similar to buying a car according to its weight. A former iCornerstone client received three bids from general contractors who used this method to estimate the work, even though they had no blueprints!

Another client who provided blueprints to three general contractors received bids that were 54%, 42%, and 38% less than the project cost iCornerstone had established through competitive bidding to subcontractors in all trades.

The low bid met the client’s expectations for cost but omitted the kitchen cabinets, heating system, plumbing fixtures, and other required elements of the work. The other two followed suit with unrealistic allowances and other omissions.

iCornerstone has an extensive database of completed projects and uses that information to your benefit in the Initial Consultation, which is free and has no strings attached.

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