Anonymous Ratings

Do you allow anonymous ratings for contractors or other professionals?

No. Anonymous rating systems contradict iCornerstone’s requirements for transparency, personal accountability, and self-reliance and are analogous to the Declaration of Independence without signatures.

They and free estimating sites are addressed in the iCornerstone Research Tool.

These rating systems are one-sided and never include consumers, which is fundamentally unfair. One can only imagine the response of a contractor or professional to a consumer who has been sued for non-payment of services rendered or a supplier to negative credit scores.

Anonymous ratings can be gamed and provide the consumer a false sense of security. If a contractor registers with more than one rating site, the compared results will likely be inconsistent.

Furthermore, service providers may pay the site for enhanced search to guarantee they will be listed in the first page view, which gives an inaccurate impression of their appeal.

The testimonials on the iCornerstone website do not indicate the names of their authors, but the company provides them when clients make a request.

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